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Navajo-Churro Sheep Sale List

Listed below are the adult Navajo-Churro sheep we currently have available for sale.  Clicking on the animal's name will bring up a pedigree. 
Clicking on their photos will give you a larger version of that photo.
if an animal you're interested in is marked as On Hold, or Reserved, let us know and we can give you next option if that animal becomes available.   If you have questions or would like more information on any of these sheep contact us at:

Information on reserving sheep: Reservations are taken in order of inquiry.  We'll hold sheep for a limited amount of time while you're making purchase decisions, then a 25% deposit will reserve your selection(s), with the balance due by the time the sheep leave our farm.  All prices are FOB Newberg.  Delivery when available, is in addition to the cost of the animal.  See bottom of page for our complete terms of sale.

For information
on our 2024 Navajo-Churro
lambs click here 

Sired by baw Leon...

Born 2022
bide a wee (baw) Leon
2 Horns / Black Badger
N-CSA Reg.
Chukar #1744
N-CSA Reg #D9084-24
2 Horn Gray/Tan RAM
Sire: baw Leon
Dam: baw Lumina

Sired by baw Cimarron...

bide a wee (baw) Cimarron
4 Horns - Black Badger
N-CSA Rg. #D8062-18


Naomi #1869
$300 On Hold
Black wTGH EWE
Sire: baw Cimarron
Dam: DC Micki
Wynona #1870
$325 On Hold
Black & Tan wTGH EWE
Sire: baw Cimarron
Dam: DC Micki
Tanya #1873
$300 On Hold
Gray/Tan EWE
Sire: baw Cimarron
Dam: baw Santa Fe
Kix #1875
$300 Reserved
2 Horn RAM
Sire: baw Cimarron
Dam: baw Punky

Sired by PDF Puddleduck...

Puddleduck (PDF) Puddleduck
2 Horns - Black Badger
N-CSA Reg. #8755-23

Patsy #1755
$325 On Hold
Brown EWE
Sire: PDF Puddleduck
Dam: baw Skye
Elvis #1756
2 Horn English Blue RAM
Sire: PDF Puddleduck
Dam: baw Prairie 

Description of terms:
(Two Grey Hills) - White cap, white tip on tail, white sock(s) - can have any or all of these markings.
For a complete description of Navajo-Churro colors and patterns click here.
Fused - when two or more horns grow or 'fuse' together. 

Terms of Sale...
25% down will hold your selection with the balance due by the time the sheep leave our farm. Prices are FOB Newberg.
Prices for unreserved/unsold animals are subject to change. 
Travel related expenses are the responsibility of the buyer, and for shipments outside of Oregon will include a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, plus blood test fees if required by the destination state.
Delivery Fees:  We make every effort to keep our delivery fees reasonable. Contact us a delivery fee estimate.

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