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We just finished up a delivery trip to MT, WY, TX, NM and NV. As Fall approaches, we'll be staying close to home but will consider deliveries in OR and neighboring states. Check with us if interested...

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 Name: Sire/Dam  

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Born: 3-22-18
4 Horns - Twin - Eyes: L1/R1
% white / 75% black

Photos taken

Ruby Peak Cinnamon
JSBA #C048-17

2 Horns - Twin - 50% white / 50% lilac

Ruby Peak Jester**

JSBA #C009-17
2 Horns - Twin - 55% white / 45% black

**Photo by Kate Barrett,

Ruby Peak Cosmos**
JSBA #B054-14
2 Horns - Twin - 25% white / 75% black
**Photo by Kate Barrett,

bide a wee Avie
JSBA #C205-17
4 Horns - Twin
15% white / 85% black

Windy Acres Lightning
JSBA #C127-10

4 Horns - Twin
25% white / 75% black

bide a wee Finna
JSBA #B028-11
4 Horns - Twin
55% white / 45% black

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