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 Name: Sire/Dam Grand Sire/Dam

baw Leon  #215
N-CSA Reg. #C6673-13

(Click photos to enlarge)
Born: 2-26-10
2 Horns - Triplet - Black Badger - Eyes: L1/R1

Photos taken 7-21-13

bide a wee (baw) Salazar

N-CSA #B4206
4 Horns (fused)
Twin - Brown Badger

bide a wee (baw) Chakotay

N-CSA #B3386-03

4 Horns (fused) - Twin
Black Badger

Rocking H Ranch (RHR) Pralines & Cream

N-CSA #A1964-97
2 Horns - Twin - Brown Badger

bide a wee
(baw) Oriana

N-CSA #B4205
Polled - Twin - Black w/TGH

Cunnington Farms (CNF)

N-CSA #B2893-01
4 Horns - Single - Black (Blue?)

Milliman Acres (MA)

N-CSA #A2407-99
2 Horns - NC Grey


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