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Doug’s Portable Skirting* Table

Below are plans for a portable skirting table Doug made for me. I wanted a table I could move around the farm easily and this works great. We’ve even taken it to shows and loaned it to friends.  Photos are shown below.

*4 each 2"x 2"x 8’ wood furring cut into 4 foot lengths
*8 each 3" corner brackets
*9’ of 1" x 2” x 48" hardware wire cut in half
*Poultry staples (or staple gun) for tacking wire to frame
*Screws to secure corners
*2 each 3" hinges for connecting frames together
*1 set hook & eye to close up table for easy transportation or storage (optional)
*1 handle for carrying table (optional)

To Build:
Form 2 separate squares with the 4’ long 2"x 2"s. Attach corner brackets in each corner.

Secure corners with extra screws. Place hardware wire on frames and cut to size. Attach hardware cloth with staples. Connect frames together with hinges. Fold frames in half at the hinges and attach hook and eye. Attach handle to end of frame.

To Use:
Place two 8’ long 2” x 4”s across the top of two saw horses and place skirting table on top.

*Skirting:  The process of removing debris, vegetation, dung tags, short fibers, second cuts, etc. from a freshly shorn fleece.  Ideally the fleece should be thrown on a skirting table immediately after being shorn so contaminants can be removed prior to storage.

Side view - 4'x4'section End view

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