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 We'll be travelling to the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association's AGM in CA in early August, and will be making a cross country delivery trip in early September. 
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2018 Breeding Line Up

Jacob Flock Sires: 
This year we're using four Jacob rams:  Hunter's Glen Roy Rogers, Windy Acres Lightning, bide a wee Farley and Ruby Peak Cinnamon.  Thumbnail photos of these rams are shown below.  Clicking on their photo will bring up a larger photo, while clicking on their names will bring up their pedigrees...

Hunter's Glen Roy Rogers
JSBA Reg. #A007-13

4 Horns - Black and White
Sire: Windy Acres MacCallum
Dam:  Hunter's Glen Florence
Windy Acres Lightning
JSBA Reg. #E033-13

4 Horns - Black and White
Sire: Unzicker Ivan 2
Dam:  Windy Acres Starlight
bide a wee Farley
JSBA Reg. #B098-16

4 Horns - Black and White
Sire: bide a wee Hugh
Dam: bide a wee Fiona
Ruby Peak Cinnamon
JSBA Reg. #C048-17

2 Horns - Lilac and White
Sire: Ruby Peak Jester
Dam: Ruby Peak Cosmos

Navajo-Churro Flock Sires: 
Our Navajo-Churro breeding line-up this year includes three rams: bide a wee Camarillo, bide a wee Leon and Dry Creek Ranch Jones.  Thumbnail photos of these rams are shown below - click on the photos to bring up larger photos.  Clicking on their names will bring up their pedigrees...

bide a wee (baw) Camarillo

4 Horns - Spotted Brown/Tan
Sire: bide a wee (baw) Clifton
Dam: bide a wee (baw) Sobrina

bide a wee (baw) Leon
N-CSA Reg. #C6673-13

2 Horns - Black Badger
Sire: bide a wee (baw) Salazar
bide a wee (baw) Oriana

Dry Creek Ranch (DCR) Jones

2 Horns - Black & White
Sire: Spin Dance Acres (SDA) Ram
Dam: Dry Creek Ranch (DCR) Ewe


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