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                                                 Hinged Sheep/Lambing Panels

Prefer to make your own panels? Plans for making these panels are given below... 
NOW AVAILABLE - For those who would prefer to purchase them already made, we now offer finished panels for sale... 

4' panels*
6' panels*
Hinged combo panel sets below include 3 heavy weight hinges:
4'x4' hinged combo panel set *
4'x6' hinged combo panel set *

6'x6' hinged combo panel set *

*Contact us for a quote based on current lumber prices. Panels are made to order. Prices are based on pick-up at bide a wee farm, Newberg, Oregon and do not include delivery.  Local area delivery only is available for quantity purchases - contact us for a delivery quote and/or for more information about the panels.  Click here for more details

Our ewes are penned up with their lambs after lambing using 4’ and 6’ wood panels. We build the panels with 1”x 4”s so they’re lightweight and portable. We decided it would be helpful to have several sets of these panels hinged together so we could create quick, freestanding pens. After trying several combinations; two 4’ panels hinged together, two 6’ panels hinged together, and a 4’ and 6’ combo panel, we ultimately decided that the 4’ x 6’ combo panel was the most useful.

We’ve also found them to be great for moving and catching sheep. We’ve had several requests for directions to build them so we thought others might find them useful too.

Note: We recently needed a way to haul a ram lamb when our full size truck was in the shop.  By assembling six of the 4' panels in the back of our small pick-up (4 panels for the sides and 2 for the roof along with hay twine to tie them all together) we came up with a great temporary stock rack .  Here are several photos (click on photos to bring up larger versions...

Here are the supplies and directions for making one 6' panel:
Supplies for one 6’ panel*:
5 precut 6’ long* 1”x 4”s for horizontal slats
2 precut 3’ long 1”x 4”s for vertical supports
Package of #8 or #10 1-1/4” wood screws
*for 4’ panel use 5 precut 4’ long 1”x 4”s for horizontal slats

Lay the 2 vertical supports on the ground 6 feet apart. Lay the 5 horizontal slats - evenly spaced - on the vertical supports and screw them to the vertical supports. Note: slats can be spaced closer together at the bottom to reduce the risk of a lamb escaping, but spacing them evenly allows you to flip the panel either way.

For hinged panels: lay two completed panels flat on the ground, then install 3 sets of 3” strapping hinges (at top, center and bottom).

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